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είναι πιο κοντά από όσο νομίζετε.
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iTero® Element Scanner &
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Invisible Orthodontics

Transparent, fine, invisible aligners for upper and lower teeth that set new standards in orthodontics.

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Smiles before & after

A beautiful and bright smile is feasible thanks to the evolution of modern orthodontics.

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Learn more about us

Our goal is painless, effective and affordable orthodontic treatment.

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Welcome to our clinic

In a comfortable and pleasant facility, our team treats the full range of orthodontic problems using the most modern and up to date methods.

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Preventive measures for Covid-19

With a strong sense of responsibility for protecting our patient’s health and safety and especially those who belong in vulnerable groups, we would like to announce the adjustment of our orthodontic center to the regulations of Greek Dental Federation.

Innovative technologies in Orthodontics

The digital 3D printer, is an advanced new generation device. It enables us to print tooth models quickly and accurately.

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Meet our team

Our aim is a beautiful smile, that will improve the oral health, while increasing the confidence and the quality of life of the patient.

Our careful treatment, depicted on your smile!

Our aim is to be able to solve your questions in relation to orthodontics and any other problems that you or your children may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about orthodontics by reading the frequently asked questions that we have prepared for you.

Orthodontic appliances

We are constantly following the developments of orthodontics and we use  modern braces and appliances.

Book your appointment

In this section you can submit your request for an appointment and we will contact you.

Certifications & Participations

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