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Useful advice for patient with braces

The first days of treatment may be difficult, be that is normal as you may need some time to get used to these braces.

Which are the difficulties you will face

  1. Most of the patients get used to braces quickly and learn how to speak and eat with them without too much difficulty. The first few days may be the most difficult, but with little patience and care anything can be overcome. But to let braces doing their job properly, you must take care of them and especially not to loosen them. Loosened braces particularly delay the treatment and block the achievement of an excellent result. That is the reason why you should pay attention to food and hard and sticky foods (rusks, apples, nuts, marshmallows, etc.) that is possible to loosen the braces.
  2. It would be good to eat soft foods, such as pasta, soups, yogurt and avoid biting with your front teeth. Cut food with a knife or your fingers into small pieces and chew them with the back teeth.
  3. Braces tend to easily retain dental plaque and food residue which can lead to caries and gingivitis. For this reason now it is very important to brush your teeth very thoroughly. All surfaces of teeth inside-outside, anterior-posterior and up-down and around braces must be kept clean every day. Brushing is done three times a day, three minutes each time.
  4. After each appointment at the clinic is likely to have an inconvenience or irritation in the mouth that is eliminated with a thorough teeth brushing or by putting a little wax for relief onto the brace or wire that bothers you. Soon your lips, cheeks and tongue will be adapted to the braces and will operate without difficulty.
  5. If a brace is loosened or disturbs you, you don’t have to panic. Put there some relief wax, until the bother is eliminated. If the brace gets off your mouth don’t throw it away, keep it in a paper towel and bring it with you to the next appointment in order we to stick it again. In any case, don’t hesitate to call us for any problem that may occur.

Brush the area of teeth near the gums.

Brush all surfaces of upper and down teeth.

Take care of removing food and bacteria from the gum line.

Brush carefully the inner side of each tooth.

Brush each tooth separately in a circular motion for 10 seconds.

Do not forget to brush your tongue!

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