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Orthodontic Transparent Aligners

Do you want straight teeth without braces?
The system of aligners is quite effective in many cases that need orthodontic treatment.
Transparent, fine, invisible aligners for upper and lower teeth set new standards in orthodontics.

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Linguistic Braces

Linguistic hooks are the braces that are soldered from the inner (linguistic) surface of teeth. They are manufactured individually for each patient after receiving imprint and their construction is done through their three-dimensional representation in a computer model in a special laboratory. The very same representation of the tooth morphology, obtained by means of the computer reduces the possibilities of tongue annoyance to minimum.

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Transparent Braces

Transparent hooks that are used for aesthetic purposes, particularly in adult patients. They differ from conventional metal braces on their construction material (ceramic, porcelain, sapphire), which simulates as much as possible the tooth color. Construction standards are the same as metal braces, which yields the same result during orthodontic treatment.

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