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Our clinic – the first orthodontic clinic in Rhodes and the Dodecanese – offers its services to children, adolescents and adults. We treat the full range of orthodontic problems in our space which is properly equipped so as to be comfortable and pleasant – the most modern methods of science in order to ensure harmony between teeth and face and offer you a beautiful smile which will improve both the oral health, and the patient’s quality of life by increasing his self-confidence.
Our experience, continuous training and expertise in the entire range of invisible orthodontics’ technics (lingual braces, transparent splints, etc.) are the guarantee of the result regardless of the seriousness and difficulty of the incident.
Our philosophy is based on the fact that we always try to provide solutions using advanced technology, showing respect and taking care for the patient’s least possible inconvenience and being ready at any time to deal with any emergency that may arise.

Clinic's Facilities

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